#Nov14 – Europe Wide Day of Action Against Austerity

On November 14th several countries in Europe will hold a one day general strike against austerity.  This is surely an opportunity for everyone to maximise the message to those in power that austerity isn’t working and that people around the world want a future that works for everyone.

A recent article in The Guardian explained that the richest 1000 people in the UK have hoarded (we can’t use the word ‘earned’ to describe their wealth accumulation) more than enough money since 2008 to repay the entire deficit.  It means that the debt crisis, which is the stated reason for austerity, could be solved tomorrow by a windfall tax if the political will was there.

Unfortunately the political will rests with the politicians bankrolled by the mega rich who caused the crisis, supported by the mass media which is also bankrolled by those same forces.  The mainstream press relies heavily on advertising and if you want to see the effects of that just look at the narrow range of opinions reflected in mainstream titles.  The excellent work of MediaLens over many years is worth looking at for detailed examples.

November 14th is an opportunity to fight back.  Trade unionists everywhere should show solidarity to the countries taking part in strike action by taking some form of action yourselves.  Some civil servants in the UK are planning a day of protest including lightening walkouts and demonstrations outside offices.  The day is building nicely so let’s keep up the momentum – get involved and get organised.


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