Fed up with the mainstream media? Here’s a guide to alternative news sources in 2013

The mainstream media follows the politicians around and builds the news up according to official press releases and what other official press releases have to say about those official press releases.  The result is bland news looking at what politicians and officials have to say.  But these days there are so many great sources of real news.  Here’s a few to watch out for in 2013:

MediaLens – they pick apart the way the media works in great detail to assess why news outlets fail to ask the right questions of those in power.  This is a must-see site if you want to understand why the mainstream media is appalling.

John Pilger – this site contains not only all the latest articles by the journalist but also the vast majority of his films.  The archive is free and is a running commentary on human rights issues around the world from the early 1970s onwards.  Vietnam, Palestine, East Timor, the Chagos Islands, the war on terror and a great deal more are all covered in great detail.

Reel News – video from the heart of the action.  Strikes and protests in the UK and beyond.  Subscribe and get the DVDs.  They also have a YouTube site.

Indymedia – grass-roots non-corporate news.

SchNEWS – born in Brighton whilst fighting the Criminal Justice Act of the time and now reporting on activism generally.

Union News – all the latest news from the UK trade union movement.

Palestine Solidarity -keep up to date with the campaign and also actions such as protests and the boycott, divestment and sanctions programme.

Greece Solidarity – started in 2012, it seems likely that this campaign will become even more significant in 2013.

Freedom Press – news from the anarchist paper.


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