Into the Fire: Coming Soon…

“Into the Fire” looks at the issue of asylum and immigration in Athens.  The film is being finished at the moment and should be available soon.  It’s being produced by Reel News who went to Athens to film as part of their regular DVD releases.  The clip above does not include English subtitles but you can find out more about what was going on for this family by clicking here.

Recent media articles have highlighted the issue of racism in Greece in connection to austerity and the rise of the Golden Dawn party.  This is a worrying dimension to austerity and it shows the very real risk that countries can face due to the financial crisis.  Fascism and racism feed in such an arena with the result of people being turned against people and blamed for a crisis of worldwide proportion that they played no part in.  Films like this expose that falsehood.  Spread the word and let’s make sure that this film is seen by as many people as possible.

The “Into the Fire” website provides information on filming and distribution.  The Reel News website is also worth a look – subscribe to the DVDs or donate to keep this valuable service going.


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