Police Infiltrate Campaign Groups Using Fake IDs – #PCS Conference Speech

English: The current offices of the British Ho...
English: The current offices of the British Home Office, located at 2 Marsham Street, London. Photo taken on 15 November 2005 by User:Canley. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve spent much of the last week at the PCS conference in Brighton.  The first part of the week I was involved in the Home Office Group Conference and then latterly a national Annual Delegate Conference.  Heading into the week I knew I had three speeches to make two of which were moving specific motions and one was a speech regarding the victimisation I have been facing as a trade union rep.

I don’t normally write speeches in advance as I tend to speak off-the-cuff and hope for the best.  On this occasion I decided to write the speeches in advance and share them on here.

The first speech, presented below, is from the Home Office Group conference where I was moving a motion regarding the issue of police officers stealing the identities of dead children in order to infiltrate law-abiding campaign groups.  This motion was passed and this offers an opportunity for PCS to challenge management in the Home Office regarding what they knew on this practice.

Conference, the practice of the police spying on left wing activists has been in the news over the last year and has revealed some startling practices.  Police have been infiltrating campaign and activist groups that were wholly legitimate and campaigning on public interest issues.

These agents of the state were targeting law-abiding citizens because they disagreed fundamentally with the politics of those individuals and the groups that they were in.  In other words our police force was acting in a politically motivated manner with the intent to infiltrate, gather intelligence regarding the activities and disrupt the activities of campaign groups.  This is clearly a breach of what any civilised person would consider to be the remit of a professional police force in a democratic society.  In fact it sounds much more like the actions of a despotic regime hell-bent on preventing people from exercising their democratic rights.

What should concern us the most is that in order to do this they needed new identities and the possibility therefore arises that these crooked officers obtained passports in order to pull this off.

The bent coppers were leading double lives.  They didn’t merely meet up with protest groups, infiltrate them and gain evidence.  No, they went much further than that.  They built up relationships, they had children with people in the groups they infiltrated, and they neglected the people they had previously called family.  In one case an officer was leading such a ridiculous double life that he was involved in relationship counselling with his wife of several years and at the same time taking a separate set of relationship counselling with his partner from a campaign group.

There were two police units involved with this practice as far as we know.  The first being the Special Demonstration Squad and the second being the National Public Order Intelligence Unit.  It is believed that both were carrying out this practice from at least 1999 although cases have been cited from the late 1980s.

We know from media reports that they used the identification of dead children to obtain new identities.  In order to do this they would have needed the birth certificates of those dead children.  In at least 11 cases cited in the media the scumbags did obtain the birth certificates of dead children but it is expected that this figure might rise to as high as 80.  Of the 11 cases identified so far, nine involved the officers using their new identities to engage in sexual relations with those they were spying on.

If they did obtain birth certificates in order to create new identities they would have got these from the General Register Office.  If they ever went abroad with their fake families they would have needed a passport in their fake identity.

We now need the incoming GEC to engage with the Home Office to find out exactly how many police officers obtained passports for fake identities, and perhaps most importantly whether this was condoned by the Department and whether any junior members of staff were either compelled to help or whether the practice was kept secret within the organisation.

It is clear that the police were trying to harm the interests of members of the public engaged in activities to make our world a better place.  That in itself is wrong.  And now we have to face the possibility that our Department was complicit in law breaking, possibly on a grand scale and potentially involving members of PCS.

Conference, these practices were disgusting.  We’ve known for many decades that the police are not on our side, we’ve known for a long time that they are politically motivated and interested only in obtaining more power to protect the rulers of our society.  Whenever we have an opportunity to challenge this dominance we must take it.  With this motion we have the opportunity to engage with the Home Office on a matter of deep importance to society and to those we represent.  Did the Home Office put PCS members into a position where they helped police officers break the law?

Support this motion and let’s find out.


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