This Week I’m Growing My Beard to Highlight Closures in HMRC. Support #PCS Strikes in #DWP and #HMRC

All this week PCS members in DWP and HMRC are taking part in rolling strike action across regions of the UK.  This is part of the national PCS campaign against job cuts, terms and conditions changes, pay freezes and pension changes.

One element of this campaign is also focused on the closure of HMRC offices.  281 office closures around the country will have a radical and negative effect on the service offered and obviously result in major job losses.  The closure of offices is being piloted with the closure of 13 offices in the north east of England – if they like what they see they will seek to close the rest by May 2014.

Recommended action:

  • Support your local picket.  If you can get to a DWP or HMRC picket line this week please do.
  • Sign the petition against HMRC Enquiry Centre closures.
  • Support the Civil Service Rank and File Network communications blockades on 3rd and 4th June

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