If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s…

The Police
They keep your capacity for violence safe for when they need to use it against you.

The Military
They protect you by killing foreigners.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for you always get government.  And that’s only if you’re lucky enough to have been gifted the vote of course.

The press
Need to know what is important and how you should think about it?  Read newspapers and watch TV!

Trans Phobia
Our future society will be safe for all.

Political parties
They offer to do stuff you don’t want and then don’t do it when they get the chance.  Unfortunately they do other stuff you don’t want instead.

If you work hard and take risks you too can remain in a shit job on low pay until you die.

It’s a direct attack on love and it hampers everyone who wants to see sexual liberation regardless of sexuality.

They steal your resources and claim they’re doing you a favour. They steal your surplus value when you give them your labour.

The state
It presents chaos as order and order as chaos.  It ruins and rules.  It drains and yet always remains.

Power corrupts. Patriarchal power has corrupted every aspect of our society, our world.   I want to help reverse it.

Our liberation is in no way dependent on locking people up.  Imprisoning the victims of capitalism seals our own slavery.

You own your body.  How then can experimenting with substances be a crime?  Criminalising drug users has cost us dear at the hands of drug barons, rising prisoner levels and state power.

The nation state is a massive prison camp. You have to ask permission to leave and enter.  People just over the border are considered ‘aliens’ rather than neighbours.  We are encouraged to fear them.  We are encouraged to hate those who wish to live with us.

Those people we’re encouraged to fear: They might get attacked by our military.  We’re encouraged to support that for our own safety.  They’re encouraged to fear us because to them we are ‘aliens’ rather than neighbours.  When we’re attacked by their military they will be encouraged to support war for their own safety.

Representative democracy
You can participate but only by voting for someone who will ignore your existence from the moment they win… if they win.  Chances are they won’t.  The more you represent yourself the more democratic the system.

I recommend focusing on the stuff we know is real instead.

Conspiracy theories
I recommend focusing on the stuff we know is real instead goddammit!

The result of taking borders so seriously that you define everything by them and use those definitions to attack people within and beyond.

I like the horizontal, I like the leaderless and I like action derived from discussion by equal partners.

This is not an exhaustive list…


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