Worker sacked for asking for holiday pay – Act now! #IWW

Here’s how you can support Sam (message from London IWW:

One of our Fellow Workers in the IWW Sheffield (UK) Branch, Sam, has been sacked by The Old Courthouse Wine and Coffee Bar in Buxton, for demanding that they fulfill their legal obligation to provide Statutory holiday pay. Not only is neglecting to provide holiday pay disgustingly exploitative, it is also illegal — and so is sacking an employee for demanding that right, not to mention sacking an employee for engaging in union activities. Today the IWW is launching a protest campaign and communications blockade to demand that Sam be reinstated and that these rogue employers fulfill their obligation to provide statutory holiday pay. Please bombard the Winebar’s Facebook and Tripadvisor’s page (links below) with (polite but firm) comments make them aware that we are thousands to Stand in Solidarity with Sam, to reiterate these demands, and to remind them that UNION BUSTING IS DISGUSTING!

Example comment that you can cut and paste: Hi, I’ve just heard that you sacked a worker for demanding that you fulfill your legal obligation to provide statutory holiday pay to your employees. That can’t be legal, can it? Have you reinstated Sam yet? Are you providing holiday pay to your workers yet? Worker exploitation and union busting are disgusting.

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