MA Open Days – Ruskin College #RuskinMA

The 'John Ruskin College' nameplate on 319011
The ‘John Ruskin College’ nameplate on 319011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ruskin College in Oxford is organising open days for anyone interested in undertaking the MA in International Labour and Trade Union Studies.  Click on this link – MA Open Day Flyer 2013-14.

I can totally recommend this course – it’s been a fantastic experience.  The teaching is awesome as is the support you get from the college.  It’s suitable for experienced activists and trade union officers.  The teaching is done on residential workshop weekends so the course can fit around family commitments and of course work!  And that’s what this is about – work.  Where it happens, who does it and what it is.  How do unions revive following the decline of the last few decades?  What are the international comparisons?  What is the role of union bureaucracies and the rank and file?  How does class relate to intersectional equality issues or vice versa?  These are big questions and the labour movement needs people who can grapple with them.

The weekends are intense but great fun and there’s a hell of a lot of personal development going on.  I feel like I’ve really started to see the world in more depth and detail than before on a whole range of issues.

Why not book a place on the open day and come and meet the teaching staff, the students and have a look around?

Oh and the college will accept applications from people without a first degree providing they can show they have the ability for MA level work.


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