Working less hours in the day used to be a cause of the trade union movement. It should be again…

Ian Bone

Tom Hodgkinson has just tipped me off about this book – anyone read it?

Just to say that I reckon this book is a must-read. It’s the EP Thompson of the American “Labor” (no u) movement. He shows how a shorter working day and week was its central focus till wrecked by Roosevelt’s “full-time, full employment” movement.
He also shows how unions from the fifties onwards colluded in the capitalist vision of long working weeks broken up by TV and shopping.
Until we get rid of this myth of the “good job” there will be no progress.

Fits well with the policy idea our candidate in South Croydon Jon Bigger is suggesting:

I thought I’d just drop you a line to remind you of that policy idea I had – a 4 hour working day or 20 hour working week with no loss of pay or jobs. The rich…

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