Christmas every day!

christmas tree
christmas tree (Photo credit: fsse8info)

Not the turkey and drunken old rellies farting in front of Strictly Come Dancing.  No we should take the spirit of Christmas and seek to have it everywhere all the time.

It’s a festival where we give and accept gifts, wish goodwill to everyone, help charities and generally try to be nice.  Pretty good isn’t it?  So why not all the time?  It’s not really in the interests of the people that run the world.  For a few brief weeks the corporations try to show that they’re just as Christmassy as the rest of us.  Pret a Manger invites us to imagine a better world as they donate a bit of dosh to charity. Starbucks does the same so we feel that they’re at one with us. But it doesn’t last and it’s never like that for the people they employ.

And so we think of the positive things associated with Christmas as the exception rather than the norm and quickly we see them as impossible in the long term.  Except that is an illusion.  We all own this planet.  OK the law has been crafted to allow some people ownership based on wealth and others to get nothing but morally it is our, all ours.

Think of what we could do with the resources.  Think of what we could do with a new common space erected metaphorically on the rubble of Parliament.  Imagine a world without the need for charities because we’ve got it sorted.  These aren’t pipe dreams; these are the visions of anarchism.  We can take back what is morally ours and utilise the resources for our own and each others’ benefit.  We can all thrive.  It is not for the rulers to allow this; it is for us to take it, to grasp that opportunity and run with it.

The principle of mutual aid is the anarchist vision of Christmas every day.  We help each other because our ability to thrive rests on being helped.  Contrast this with the economics of capitalism where we’re encouraged to screw people over in order to accumulate wealth.  Now, we need to recognise the threats of legislation that just keeps coming to bolster the fortunes of capitalism and make our attempts to strike it down ever harder.  We must reclaim common space, share it, use it to help one another and end the rise of global capital.


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