Happy New Year! 2014 for #Peace #Equality and #Freedom

These are the things we build up from below, horizontally.  Hierarchy fails us so we must ditch the traditional party political answers and experiment with horizontalidad.  Hierarchy produces all the same inequalities we rail against.  Our revolution will only be intersectional if we ditch hierarchy and formal leadership.  Leadership should be shared, it is a group experience and when we share it we explore the solutions to our problems and build consensus via shared experience and action.

This is our task in 2014: to continue that experiment.  Horizontalism isn’t one thing, it isn’t simply about getting rid of hierarchy.  It is about experimenting with what that can produce and how direct democracy can work.  It’s about an inclusiveness that is messy and time consuming.  But it is essential if we are to achieve peace, equality and freedom.

It’s an experiment worth taking and it makes 2014 a year full of hope.


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