A century after #WW1 we are still being mislead on war #Pilger #BBCToday

Iraq (Photo credit: slagheap)

This year we are going to be inundated with requests to be sombre and dignified over the losses of the First World War.  It was an horrendous war where empires battled for supremacy using their subjects like fodder.  We should not just remember those losses and respect the dead but we should kick up a fuss that then as now we are treated as imbeciles by government.

In Iraq over 1 million Iraqi’s have been killed on the basis of a lie. The US and Britain remembers only its own.  It continues to gloss over the torture and murder of captives during that war. The War on terror has led to people being imprisoned without charge or trial. It has meant that when trials do take place the accused ‘terrorists’ can’t even see the evidence against them.

As John Pilger points out in this rare example of the BBC providing an alternative voice (don’t worry it only happens one week a year when guest editors take over the Today programme), we live in a media age, not an information age.  For information you need to search.

So in 2014, when our ‘leaders’ encourage us to pay our respects don’t just search for the real information on WW1; search for the information on what is happening now.  What are we being told about war and what are we not being told?  We owe it to our forebears to ensure that our governments can never again swindle us into mass slaughter for their aims.  People everywhere should unite against the real enemy.  In country after country they are the people in power. They are the people who declare war and then sit and watch.


UPDATE – Here’s Michael Gove with an article on how we should think.


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