From #Duggan to #Plebgate We’ve Moved Dimensions

It’s been a bizarre week for those of us who want radical change.  Both the Duggan inquest and the Plebgate stuff pose profound questions about the way the police operate.  Meanwhile the media and our political class, including the police as an institution, have acted with two faces.

The officer that was found to have lawfully killed Mark Duggan was also found to be an unreliable witness during the inquest.  He claimed that he saw Duggan holding the gun and believed that it would be fired except we know that the gun in question was actually 20 feet away when he shot Mark dead.  On the day of the incident the police put out the message that Duggan shot first (he didn’t fire the gun at all) and that the officer returning fire was only saved because the bullet hit his radio.

They lied and they lied.  They exaggerated Duggan’s criminal history and they got away with it. But with the lawful killing verdict came the appeals for calm, the crazy suggestion that Duggan deserved to be killed because he may have handled a gun and the pledge by politicians to do absolutely nothing.

Fast forward to the end of the week and an officer in the Plebgate row admits to lying about claims he made that he saw then Cabinet Minister being rude to a fellow a cop.  He might well go to prison for that and it’s brought the political class out to criticise the police if they are shown to lie.  What?  They spent the previous 48 hours trying to avoid discussing that!  It’s like morphing into a parallel universe.  If a cabinet minister is lied about during an argument about a bicycle and a gate, all hell is let loose but if a citizen is lied about after being shot dead despite them not being a threat then we can expect it to be glossed over.  Move on, nothing to see here.  The hypocrisy is amazing but once again we see how corrupt Britain truly is.

In both cases the police lied.  In the one where they lied about the Cabinet Minister, the cop may go to prison.  In the one where they shot the guy dead, the officer is still on patrol.  If you’re not a member of the ruling elite, you have every reason to be scared.  Don’t expect justice.

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