Bigger plans to bring anarchy to Coulsdon and Purley

Yesterday Inside Croydon published this account from me on why I’m a prospective candidate for Class War at the next election. It’s generated a fair bit of interest and all of this started from a very small event at my MPs constituency office; an event he probably wants to forget.

Inside Croydon

Class War is coming to Croydon. One of the nation’s smaller political parties has decided to put up a candidate in Croydon South for the 2015 General Election. Here, self-professed anarchist JON BIGGER explains why he wants your votes

We are in a class war. Working people have taken a hammering over the last few decades after some brief respite in the form of social democratic reforms following the Second World War.

Since we won the Welfare State and the NHS, there has been a gradual loss of our gains despite the occasional victory like the abolition of the Poll Tax. Since 2008 we have seen an astonishing level of cuts and demonising of the working class, the poor and those on benefits.

We now live in a world where capitalism rules virtually unfettered and this presents us with a dilemma. If we accept the present situation as inevitable, then…

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