Ottaway’s attitude to democracy enough to make anyone gag

Inside Croydon

JON BIGGER has tried to lobby his MP about the Gagging Bill. Banned from “Sir” Tricky Dicky Ottaway’s regular surgery, now he finds the old expenses claimer is not even bothering to offer a reasoned response to letters

Last week, I wrote an account on my blog about how, together with a group of other constituents, I’d tried to hand a petition to Croydon South’s MP, Richard Ottaway.

The petition concerned the Gagging Bill, or to give it its full title, The Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill. It has become known as the Gagging Bill because people fear it will stifle political debate and curtail trades union and charities activities in the run-up to elections.

The petition was due to be delivered by a very small band of campaigners, most of whom are pensioners. But rather than being greeted warmly by our elected representative and…

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