Ottaway Rattled in #CroydonSouth #ClassWar

I think I may have pissed off my MP, Richard Ottaway.  Ooops!  After he refused to meet a group of constituents (including me) to discuss the Gagging Bill a couple of weeks back I posted this account of the incident, in which he called the police.

This issue was picked up by the local and then the national press which forced him to make some comments about fearing for his life.

He then recorded this interview with Croydon Radio a few days ago in which he labels the petition and lobby group 38 Degrees as ‘confrontational’ seemingly because they enable dozens of constituents to lobby their MP on the same issue with ease.

Today he wrote this piece for the Croydon Advertiser retrospectively claiming that the whole thing happened simply because his office had heard that I was coming to his surgery.  Apparently he was worried about me being a ‘youthful anarchist’.

I’m calling bullshit on this.  Whilst I did tell 38 Degrees I would probably attend the petition hand-in, I didn’t fully decide until about 20 minutes before it happened so how did he know I was coming?  Furthermore, I would find it slightly sinister if he knew all about my political affiliations. As it happened the decision meeting confirming my intention to stand in the election in 2015 took place two days after the petition hand in.  Surely if they had expected me and expected trouble Ottaway would have mentioned this before today.  Why did the police not mention it at the time? If I might have been a threat to order wouldn’t they have stayed for longer?  Why, if he feared me specifically did he stand right next to me when he spoke briefly to the group on the way to his car?  His story doesn’t stack up.

So what are we left with?  An MP spouting rubbish I’m afraid.  An MP also rather lazily equating anarchism with disorder. An MP totally rattled about the fact he wouldn’t even discuss lobbying with his constituents.

***The Class War Party will be standing candidates in the 2015 General Election.  Get involved, get active and help us give the bumptious over-privileged imbeciles a kick up the pants!***


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