My Top 20 Possible Class War Policies

Ian Bone has sparked a debate on his blog about possible Class War Party policies for 2015 so I thought I’d put some together.  Some will be identical to ones people have already posed whilst some will come from my own unique mind.  So, her are the policies that’ll never happen from a candidate who’ll never win for an election with little point…

  1. Cancel Credit Card Debt – let’s all just start again!
  2. Double the Dole!
  3. Abolish the Monarchy – make them work in the nation’s chip shops.
  4. More bank holidays.  Maybe 3.  No… 4.  How about 5?
  5. Revamp Remembrance Sunday so it’s about all the victims of war, including those that suffered at the hands of the British and continue to do so.  Let’s apologise and understand the horrors of the British Empire so we can make amends.
  6. Cancel Student Debt!
  7. Re-name Guy Fawkes Night to Maggie Thatcher Night and burn the fucker!
  8. Maximum Wage.
  9. Free Schools!  I mean really free schools, in the anarchist tradition.
  10. 50% Mansion Tax
  11. No tax on alcohol served in indy pubs.
  12. Free public transport.
  13. Replace the Lords – fill it by lottery with real people.
  14. 4 hour working day! Work no more than 20 hours a week without loss of pay.  Make the bosses pay for it.
  15. Lower the retirement age to 55 and double the pension.
  16. Replace the BBC Trust with real people.
  17. Buckingham Palace Homeless Shelter – once we’ve kicked the chief parasite out.
  18. 50% cut in MPs salaries.
  19. Open Borders.
  20. Legalise all drugs.

Any ideas?


3 thoughts on “My Top 20 Possible Class War Policies

  1. How about Universal basic income instead of double dole? That way everyone gets the same. (so we’re all “scroungers”). Disabled people get additional DLA.

  2. I think a universal income is an excellent idea. That way we work by choice not force. An emoter would have to make it really worth your while! Great idea peteH

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