Ruskin College – 115 Years of Educating Radicals

I spotted this article via the Oxford Mail.  It gives a nice little account of why Ruskin College is so good and why it’s needed. Giving chances to people who didn’t fit the school system is likely to become ever more important as the effects of austerity and neoliberalism develop.

We’ve got to keep educating each other in the trade union movement.  On the MA in International Labour and Trade Union Studies we’re encouraged to critically analyse everything on the course.  You can’t help but get used to that after a while and so you start questioning everything.  Every statement on the news, every article, every piece of research, it all comes under scrutiny.  You end up not taking anything at face value and that has a knock on effect in terms of how you present information.  When you start to develop this you see how so much information, especially in the mainstream news media, is just presented as fact without much backing.  It’s like the world is run by people operating on what they consider to be ‘common sense’.

So I’m one of the current radicals and it’s pretty awesome frankly.

Click here if you’re interested in studying at Ruskin.


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