Green wellies for all!!!! #VoteClassWar

I didn’t realise Wellies could tell us so much before I saw the current Private Eye front page.  It has an advert for the Miliboot which it declares is neither ‘posh’ nor ‘branded’.  Ed Miliband wore black wellington boots when he headed out to clumsily eye-up the floods.  It turns out the floods didn’t fancy him but apparently his style in wellies is all down to some elaborate class politics that says green wellies are posh and black wellies are for the rest of us.

I gasped in horror at this because mine are green!  What kind of champagne anarchism is this?  I have now resolved to ensure that should I win Croydon South in 2015 (Chris Philp, be very afraid) Class War will ensure that everyone can have green wellies!  Even the people of Dale Road, who for some reason saw their road turned into a flood plain recently despite water being pumped away from other nearby streets.


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