Video of protesters following Boris Johnson in north London

Boris the Popular being jeered.


Today in North London Boris Johnson got chased up the street by members of the local community. In the last 22 years not a single council home has been built, today Boris unveiled that he has infact built 3. That’s 3 in 22 years.  Woop woop!


Meanwhile, people are being made homeless because of the bedroom tax, more people are resorting to food banks. Affordable housing is no longer affordable, jobs are being cut, welfare is being cut (not just for people who can’t find work but also for disabled people who can’t work). Rising energy bills saw more than 11,000 people die over the christmas period. unemployed figures have risen to over 2.3 million, homlessness has risen by another 5% since 2013. Lets face it, this tory government have fucked our country up.

Today, Boris Johnson came to North London and actually thought he was doing a good thing…

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