The #MariaMiller case shows how in politics, just as in economics, our rulers believe in their own entitlement #ClassWar2015

I’m glad that Maria Miller is no longer a Minister but she continues as an MP and therefore continues to take public money.  The shocking points of this case revolve around the resistance by her and her allies to actually do anything to make amends.  The MPs that judged her failed by asking her to pay back a tiny amount of the money she took.  But added to this are the Prime Minister who as late as yesterday was preparing to give her continued support at PMQs.

The first reaction of the rich and powerful when they are challenged is to claim they should not be challenged.  When they are found to have acted incorrectly they plead for nothing to be done.  When this doesn’t work they strike a deal so that the cost is as little as possible to them.  This case shows how hard it is to displace just one single parasitic asshole.

Reform of the system is not going to change behaviour across the board.  It isn’t going to change the fundamental class dynamic that allows the rich and powerful to get away with treating us like dirt.  Our answer must be to rip this system down and build a non-hierarchical world.  Ditch capitalism and the state.  Let’s have democracy.

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