Scouring Croham’s campaign for anything that might inspire

Inside Croydon

VOTE 2014 logoOver the next couple of weeks, we will preview the local elections with a look at key wards and the key issues.

With 15 candidates from seven parties or groups standing in Croham, with the Greens, UKIP and even the NF targeting their efforts there, this usually safe Tory territory ought to be an unlikely “battleground ward”. But as JON BIGGER explains, you ought not get too excited

You can almost feel the excitement in the air at the upcoming local elections. People eagerly scour the manifestos and engage in debate with the candidates on their doorsteps. In Croham ward the excitement is reaching fever pitch because of the amazing list of candidates standing.

Actually, as I’m sure you know it’s really rather dull.

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2 thoughts on “Scouring Croham’s campaign for anything that might inspire

  1. Hi Joe,

    I enjoyed your article, you have things pretty spot on here. Despite the hype around Croham, it will more than likely see three Tories elected by a margin. It’s a race for second place.

    I will be voting Green myself, not ideal, they are offering at least something slightly different. I have been door knocked by them and they do seem to be putting quite a bit of effort in.

    The Lib Dem campaign has been rather misleading, putting out leaflets with dodgy bar charts that say only the they can beat the Tories… last time I looked, nobody can really beat the Tories here. To be honest, I would rather vote for a party that has “no chance” that at least offers some form of left alternative then a party that is just another shade of grey.

    1. I’m writing “Class War” on my ballot paper. I hope others do the same. I can imagine the looks on the faces of the people counting!

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