At the Peoples’ Assembly march Class War led the way – come join us! #ClassWar2015

Once the carping about the lack of coverage by the BBC of an estimated 50,000 people march in central London on Saturday died down, the left turned on Class War.  We’ve been dismissed as ‘a bunch of pensioners’, ‘middle class posers’ and wasting our time.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  We come from all age groups, we are diverse and we are working class. Saturday was just one day.  I saw one comment about how the real alternative is about organising and planning our fightback as if that’s not something we’re looking to do.  Believe me it is.  We are planning to use next year’s general election to bring the notion of class war back into the consciousness of the working masses. We already know the ruling class is fighting a war against us and it’s time we fought back.  Join us in that quest.  We will be in the avenues of the wealthy, we will be challenging political and corporate power.   What will you be doing? Don’t fall into the trap of voting Labour in for 5 years of austerity.

Once we’d formed our bloc on the march so many people came to take photos and join in with our chants.  I saw people’s eyes light up at the sight of people willing to call themselves working class and press for a real alternative to capitalism.

There’s some photos below from the march but I just want to point out something about the BBC. They didn’t ignore the march at all.  There were lines of BBC branded crowd control barriers at their HQ.  They knew we were coming and they rubbed our noses in it.  Do you really think they give a crap?  Join the fightback. Get involved in the class war!  Watch out for our future action!

twitter – @ClassWar2015

Read this report by Freedom.

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2014-06-21 13.06.23
2014-06-21 13.07.35

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