Richard Ottaway, #Croydon South MP tells poor Londoners to live in Manchester

My MP is at it again, using his mouth when he’d be better just resigning so we can have an election early. In response to the growing housing crisis in London he has suggested that people unable to afford to live in London, where they might actually want to live, have jobs, families etc, should move to Manchester.  It’s so easy to do isn’t it?

This guy lives in a dream world.  The super wealthy, knighted imbecile claims that he was not telling people to simply ‘bugger off’.  Well I am.  Croydon South would be better without this idiot. Unfortunately there is another shoe in for the seat at the next election and he’s a Thatcher loving Tory entrepreneur who will no doubt be full of the same wisdom.

Just to look at the issue in question in a little detail for a moment.  There is a housing crisis in London.  People cannot affords to live here.  In this very constituency I have noticed several building projects falter and of course this has a negative impact on the housing market, helping to push up prices which in turn feeds a rise in rental properties, which in turn helps the rich landlords who pocket extra housing benefit.  It’s not in Ottaway’s class interest to support a fall in prices.

Maybe he supports the project in the pictures below.  This is a building site that has been slowly worked on over the last three years within his constituency (I took photos a few days ago thinking I might end up writing about this at some point).  It’s a building project supported by Ottoway’s chum the Mayor of London and a firm called Wandle; local residents wonder if it’ll ever be finished.  If it is it could surely help many families and maybe prevent some from moving to Manchester if they don’t fancy upping sticks.

The alternative must surely be housing for all.  It is a human right to have shelter.  If housing isn’t affordable people shouldn’t move to Manchester we should oust the Royals from the palaces and the rich from their mansions and house everyone that needs home!

2014-06-18 12.20.12
2014-06-18 12.20.25


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