Open Letter to @CroydonLabour on Selecting a Candidate for #Croydon South


We have less than a year to go until the general election.  As working class activists we seek the best possible outcome in these elections for our class and hope for the defeat of the neoliberal enemy.  Unfortunately, it’s come to my attention that you intend to stand a candidate against me in the Croydon South constituency.  I’m assuming this is a mistake that will be rectified accordingly as there can be only one working class candidate and I’m sure you agree with me that Labour would be better to back that candidate in an effort to attract the maximum amount of votes against the Tories.

Indeed, the Tories have been beating you in this constituency forever so it’s clearly time for a change of tactic. Whilst they tend to get over 50% of the vote here we shouldn’t overlook the possibilities that are apparent due to low turnout. The Tories do not have over 50% support among those eligible to vote and that means if we stand one strong candidate against them and try to engage positively with those that don’t vote, they are capable of being defeated.  Admittedly we will need the help of other parties also coming on board with us. I do hope that you are not being defeatist despite your multiple defeats. A positive attitude can go a long way.

And yet the rumour is that you intend to select a city banker and aristocrat as your candidate!  Surely by doing this , you’re going after the same votes as Thatcher-loving Philp is for the Tories.  Surely, you’re sealing your own defeat yet again.  The Honourable Emily Sophia Wedgwood Benn, daughter of the Viscount Stansgate, is proud to be New Labour, she works in finance and she has little to offer the working class people of the constituency.  Along with the young Kinnock, Blair and Straw, Benn is proving that nepotism is alive and kicking in the party that used to stand up for the poor.  It’s jobs all round.

What we need now comrades is class unity and class strength.  I’m standing for the Class War Party, I urge you to get behind my campaign, ditch the aristocrat and let’s really take the fight to the Tories!

Jon Bigger
Class War

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