Chris Philp – Time to dish the dirt on this free market fanatic waging war on the poor

Chris Philp is set to become MP for Croydon South at the next general election.  He is effectively being given a job for life and as such we need to start to understand exactly what that means. We need to understand better who he is and what his priorities are.  There’s always the chance he could make it into government one day so this could turn out to be important to everyone in the UK.

All of his work up to this point is going to be examined and unpicked to see what we’re dealing with.  His work for the free market lobby group the Taxpayers Alliance provides some interesting clues on this Thatcher loving entrepreneur.  A firm believer in workfare he advocates a something for nothing culture for business in which firms get free labour from benefit claimants, whilst they work for their Jobseeker’s Allowance and lose time to jobsearch in the process.

He’s a businessman who thinks he’s got where he has through hard work.  Of course that means he’s really exploited workers so we’ll delve into his business practices and what he’s like as a boss.  He’s more than happy to boast of his charity work in helping young people from deprived backgrounds become free market fanatics so we’ll explore his award winning ways and his ‘good works’.

In case anyone’s wondering if this is all amounting to a character assassination, yep, he’s the enemy and he’s got it coming to him.  Over the next few months there will be plenty of attacks coming his way from me and Class War and I’m more than happy to be contacted with information on this capitalism loving ideologue who’s waging a war on the poor.  Let’s bring this Tory down to earth and never let him get up again.


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