Poor Doors Demo: The Siege of Commercial Street

It was a little medieval to say the least. Up in their tower the rich sought sanctuary from our unruly mob of peasants hell bent on using a loud haler and distributing leaflets. They must have thought the world was ending. For 45 minutes they were prevented from leaving their tower and starved of their freshly squeezed OJ, which can be purchased from the numerous posh outlets just above gutter level.


2014-08-06 17.39.54


When the revolting oiks first arrived the barricades were put up and the doors firmly locked.  This kept our rabble out but it also kept the rich in, unable even to nip out for a slimline vanilla latte. It was hell!


2014-08-06 18.09.23
1 Commercial Street – With a set of doors for the rich leading to concierge, gym and other amenities and a door for the poor who cannot access the rich areas.


The protest outside 1 Commercial Street is set for every Wednesday evening from 5:30.  We will oppose social cleansing and apartheid in London.  The tower at Commercial Street is becoming symbolic of a growing trend in gentrification of working class areas.


2014-08-06 17.28.38


Unfortunately, tonight the rich got so fed up that they decided to spit from their tower at the protesters and they also poured liquid from on high.  Rumours of piss circulated quickly and a raid was made on the doors!  At this point some “standing beside us” people in casuals declared themselves to be police officers.  Fearing a major incident they tried to calm things down.  They claimed they hadn’t noticed the spraying of urine or anything else, which was fine until it started to splash over them forcing them back into the shadows.


2014-08-06 18.10.13
Rumours of Piss!


A number of residents came out from the poor entrance in support of the demo and passers by were very supportive.  We also had a fantastic show of solidarity from the Focus E15 Mothers who are fighting for decent housing for all.


2014-08-06 17.45.44


Join us next Wednesday 5:30 at 1 Commercial Street.

Will it simply be a siege or will the tower be sacked!

Storm the doors!


21 thoughts on “Poor Doors Demo: The Siege of Commercial Street

  1. This is apartheid and will not be tolerated. The rich think theyre better or something because they know how to fiddle and play the system. Their time is up now.

          1. Dave, where were you? I waited for you to make yourself known but you didn’t. you were the one that looked like a Big Issue seller, right?
            Never mind, the job of toilet cleaner is still there if you want it.

  2. The rich people live in floors 12 and above. The social housing people live in floors 7-11. It is offices that will be occupying the first 6 floors and these are under construction. If some people were throwing urine at you from the fifth floor I heavily doubt it was rich people as they have no access to floors 2-6. I suspect it would have been people involved in constructing the offices as there are still plenty of builders working in the building.

    I think this protest would be better if they protested outside the offices of Redrow (the developer) or Tower Hamlets council.

    FYI I live in the poor part of the building and just want to let you know that the protesters don’t speak for all of us.

    1. I’m not sure of the exact floor the liquid was thrown from. It didn’t appear to come from builders but I might be wrong.

      I hope residents get behind this. This type of development is symbolic of a system that seeks to divide us economically. No matter what we earn or what we do we should demand equality.

  3. So whereas luxury flats were once built only for the wealthy, now it combines with affordable housing, and you don’t like that?

    I’m struggling to understand what’s got your goat…

    1. I like goats. Fantastic, intelligent creatures.

      The issues here are gentrification of areas and segregation. Why shouldn’t everyone enjoy the same spaces and the same level of ‘luxury’ as you put it. These luxury flats are still built only for the wealthy but now they have to have social housing built in too but we couldn’t possibly have the rich use the same doors as the poor.

      I’m struggling to work out why you wouldn’t see that as a problem. But as I’ve said previously it’s symbolic of our system and ever widening inequality.

  4. You have to pay for ‘levels of luxury’, that’s why they’re luxuries. Normal people know this fact. Your minorty of ten protestors proves that nobody gives a shit about your envious campaign.

    1. Well you obviously do. We want to get rid of capitalism.
      That doesn’t mean we envy the rich – we simply accept that the system is controlled by them and runs for them.

      Actually it was amazing how many people stopped to discuss the campaign and showed their support. The rich don’t deserve their status or their wealth. People know how unfair society is and we will carry on campaigning to change it.

    2. It is a luxury to be allowed to use the same door as somebody else? Or the same lifts?

      It is segregation and among the first steps towards the adoption of class based apartheid, pure and simple.

      The reason that social housing is so short and house prices are forcing more and more people into inadequate `accommodation is the inevitable consequence of right to buy. Those who already have the structural advantages of wealth can buy more property, make more money, buy more property, make more money etc… until they control the rental market as well as the private markets, pricing those not born with a silver spoon up their arse out of the market. Any market based society ends up with the same inevitable structural inequality and social stagnation which proves the lie to the idea that it is all about the individual improving themselves. It is all about granddaddies money.

      Segregated housing is an outward symbol of the many unjust flaws with a capitalist system (made much worse by neo-liberal market capitalism) and that is why this schemes are being targeted by protestors in London and in New York.

  5. Oh dear, you moron. But then who would clean your toilets. Horror of horrors you’d have to do it yourself, same with cleaning the streets, collecting the rubbish, providing the waiting and kitchen staff for your cafes and restaurants, providing your health care,etc etc.

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