Thousands march through London in support of #Gaza – Pictorial

2014-08-09 14.17.32

It was a lovely sunny day and people streamed into Hyde Park to show their solidarity with Palestine and the people of Gaza. The emphasis now will be on maintaining this activism in the months and years ahead.

2014-08-09 14.05.16


This giant flag made its way through the march and into Hyde Park.


2014-08-09 14.06.47


Park Lane and other prominent London thoroughfares became pedestrian zones only for hours.


2014-08-09 13.58.21


Some reports have suggested the number of protesters was 150,000 whilst others have suggested 20,000.   As always it’s hard to tell but it was certainly the largest pro-Palestine rally I’d been to and the upper figure doesn’t seem far off the mark.


2014-08-09 13.49.26


People supported the demonstration from buildings on the route.


2014-08-09 13.48.42


The US Embassy was by-passed on the march.  A reminder of the complicity of that country’s government in  war crimes.


2014-08-09 13.35.54


Cops protect Starbucks.


2014-08-09 13.29.15


Oxford Street full of demonstrators on a busy Saturday afternoon.


2014-08-09 13.27.13

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