Croydon South: Chris Philp has already taken over without an election!

With 9 months to go until the general election a transition of power seems to have already taken place in Croydon South. Maybe I missed the by-election.  Is Richard Ottaway dead?  Did he resign for being a useless fuckwit?  No, he’s still about, getting a pay check from us.  And yet, Chris Philp is acting like he’s the MP for the area.

His twitter account reveals how he’s already using his contacts to answer queries and lobby on behalf of local Tories. Seeing the tweet below he couldn’t resist getting stuck in:


Rather than pointing the ‘constituent’ (who is actually a prominent local Tory) in the direction of Ottaway, their local MP, Philp posted the following:


Wow. So he’s not going to send a letter, he’s not going to inform Ottaway so he can get off his sorry arse and do something useful, he’s going straight in there with a meeting with the GoVia CEO. How exciting, how heroic, how totally undemocratic.

Philp – you do not have the right to behave like this.  You need to stop immediately. Have the decency to wait for the election result to be declared before you start acting like an MP.

I have put these issues to him via twitter:


The interesting thing of course is that you tend to wonder how early an MP will show that they’re a wretched, dodgy, sleaze bag and Philp has managed it 9 months before getting elected! Congrats.



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