Poor Doors: The momentum is with Class War

The poor doors demo has now grown in stature that it deserves four uniformed cops!  3 weeks ago we had a plain clothes cop on his own and now we have four cops in uniform.  The momentum is with us!

Below are some pictures from the event and a you can read a report of last week’s demo here.

2014-08-27 18.17.29


2014-08-27 18.18.41


2014-08-27 18.18.23


2014-08-27 18.18.18


2014-08-27 18.21.12


2014-08-27 18.10.19


2 thoughts on “Poor Doors: The momentum is with Class War

  1. So why does Class War support separate doors in mosques, and support gender segregation proposals in universities, and censor any criticism of this. Seems to me their opposition to the evils of segregation is rather selective.

  2. Looking at those pictures I could actually smell the stench of you and your unwashed pals from here. Not exactly hundreds of you are there? Looks like a Big Issue convention. I particularly loved the pic of the homeless person with nicotine stained fingers, rolled up fag hanging from pencil lips and looking ravaged from years of idleness. More pauper porn please, it’s funny.

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