Poor Doors Demo: The fightback against gentrification!

2014-09-10 18.07.50

The scene at 1 Commercial Street on any given Wednesday.

2014-09-10 18.16.10

Trade unionists joined the anarchists this week in one of the best turn outs yet.

2014-09-10 18.19.02

The cops emerged from the toff stronghold. The male officer is the hot head that got told off by his superior officer last week for yelling “fuck off” at a protester.

2014-09-10 18.19.31

Residents who are only allowed into the building via the poor doors were having to make a detour due to works. Looks lovely innit.

2014-09-10 18.22.20

I’m not sure where these stickers came from but top work!

2014-09-10 18.44.33

The cops were soon distracted by snooping into vehicles and generally not minding their own business.

2014-09-10 18.44.44

Blocking the No25 to Ilford.

2014-09-10 18.45.58

 Toffs out; ring for a mob!


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