Formula e about to make history

In a few hours a brand new international motorsport series will whir into life. Formula e is the first all-electric racing series in the world and I hope it develops into a testing ground for electronic machinery as this will ultimately find its way onto street cars. The first year of this championship uses standardised equipment but future iterations will enable teams to truly compete in the development of the cars.

There is already experimentation and development of electric power in various world class racing series such as the World Endurance Championship (WEC) and Formula 1. In fact the WEC leads the way in this regard but the significance of Formula e is in its status as the first all electric series and the fact that races will be in city locations.

This has the potential to inspire TV viewers and on site spectators to a new and pioneering form of motor racing. This racing will be cutting edge and relevant. I hope it attracts large audiences. I’m already sold on it as an environmentalist. The motor car has to change and this will help. There will be difficulties along the way. We don’t know yet how good the racing will be. It will take quite some time to convince the die hard, petrol loving fans to get behind it and there will be criticism from outside the sport that it’s too little too late.

Thank goodness it’s happening. I hope the racing is great and I wish everyone the best. Let’s make it a success for the sake of future generations.

The first race is from the Olympic park in Beijing and airs live on ITV at 8am on 13th September.


One thought on “Formula e about to make history

  1. Hope to see some big improvements over time in this series. First, put some real racing tires on the cars so they can go quickly through the corners. Will increase corner and straight speeds. Cars are too slow and this is a simple solution to get at least a little more speed out of them.
    Second, need to develop technology that will allow for battery pack replacement instead of car changes. Having multiple cars in a 45 minute race is a bit lame and certainly not cost effective.
    The future of all electric vehicles is certain. We need a good sport for these cars. Hopefully the racing will accelerate the development of technology like the early racing did for IC engine powered cars. Ray Harroun invented the rear view mirror in the first Indy 500 in 2011. Turbocharging, turbines, diesels, novis, suspension systems, aerodynamics, controls, sensors, etc. have all evolved out of racing. Can formula e do the same for the fully electric power car?

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