Croydon Tories accidentally invite Class War to their election launch night, before panic sets in!

Imagine the panic at the HQ of the Croydon Tories. A few days ago they sent out invites to a launch event at the Fairfield Halls for Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell’s election campaign. This is big stuff as Boris Johnson and a host of other muppets will be in attendance. Picture the scene as one of them scrolls down the invite list and realises they’ve posted an invite to Class War founder Ian Bone.

Ian was described as the “most dangerous man in Britain” in 1984 by newspaper The People. The Class War tabloid stood out as ready to attack the ruling class with humour and an uncompromising style. We’re taking the same approach to our election campaigning and it’s a shame the Tories noticed that Class War would have a presence at this event. A few months ago we greeted Boris at an event in Selsdon where local Tories were trying to raise funds.

Here’s the letter they sent to Ian informing him of their mistake.

Letter to Ian Bone re confiscating his ticket
Letter from a numpty


I love this letter. It assumes that Ian is on first name terms with Boris! I’ve never seen them in the pub together but you never know. I guess this letter was written under pressure with much red face and churning tummy. I also like the fact that Ian Parker has a commitment to democracy as long as it fits his narrow confines; it shouldn’t disrupt. Of course the Tories actually disrupt the lives of people every day by forcing people into poverty, evicting families, privatising our assets and a host of other bullshit policies.

So now we look forward to the event at Farfeild Halls on 22nd September at 6pm. We might not be able to get in but we will be there to greet the Tories as they arrive. Thanks so much for giving us this opportunity to advertise the event and encourage everyone who hates you to turn up. Let’s give Boris, Barwell and the rest the welcome they deserve!

Ian's Invite to Fairfield Halls
Back Barwell… into a corner and give him what he deserves!

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