Richard Ottaway: Filthy Rich Scrounging Bastard

Recent reports that MP for Croydon South, Richard Ottaway absorbed over a quarter of a million quid of public money in a year is a timely reminder that these people tend to represent themselves rather than the vast majority. An MP’s basic salary is the stuff of dreams for most people but Ottaway got a further £14k bonus for his work as Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee.

It’s not great value for money for residents of Croydon South that’s for sure. Ottaway will leave next year and be replaced by Chris Philp, another filthy rich, greedy twat and a man dedicated to inequality. I’d be amazed if he’s any better when it comes to lining his own pockets. As a proponent of workfare he believes in wage slavery for the people who actually create the wealth – workers. Meanwhile he wants the rich to be able to get even wealthier.

We need to stop the likes of Ottaway and Philp from being able to fleece us, whether as politicians or bosses.


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