Poor Doors demo provokes passer by to call for “men’s rights”

Not only did we have massive amounts of cops last week but amid the confusion of occupation and arrest we had this bizarre altercation in which the police had to restrain a suited guy in his zealous pursuit of extra privilege.


3 thoughts on “Poor Doors demo provokes passer by to call for “men’s rights”

  1. What “extra privilege”? The privilege to be a slave? The privilege to be drafted and die for you in a war? To not be able to see your kids after some vengeful bitch denies you access? To have to pay alimony or go to jail after she gets bored and leaves you? The privilege to die doing dangerous jobs to keep the society you enjoy to function?

    Seriously, which privilege? I’d really like an answer.

    1. The ‘vengeful bitch’ comment is unhelpful but I want to be clear about this hence replying rather than just deleting your questions as spam. I hope you appreciate that I don’t want comments like that to appear here.

      The issues you raise are largely also a by-product of patriarchy. The laws on divorce, marriage, war, slavery, employment have been drafted on the whole by men. However you can’t divorce from life the impact of class war. The rich have largely drafted the laws around the world to suit themselves – we are controlled by the concerns of rich, powerful men. So we have a class struggle against those forces and we have patriarchy intersecting and mingling with these issues.

      The enemy is not another agenda but rather another class. We defeat the ruling class by opposing them and the mechanisms they use to oppress us. Patriarchy is one such method. Liberation from the ruling class will be fairly pointless if we don’t also fight for liberation in all forms of oppression. What we seek, surely, is freedom from harm being committed to anyone. If you think women are the cause of harm then you are trying to answer the wrong question. I hope you’ll think about the causes of oppression and realise that they are deep rooted, complex and intersectional. Equality for all is not a threat to you. You don’t need men’s rights we all need equal rights and to achieve that we need to challenge patriarchy and support the feminist struggle in whatever way we can, if our help is deemed as desirable.

      1. So you admit that men have issues too… (you blame it on “the patriarchy” aka traditionalism, sure why not, but you still recognize men have issues too… And are at the whims of a wife/girlfriend who has an axe to grind, or just wants their money. And men are still expected to sacrifice their lives and healths to society/the state, which I wouldn’t call privilege, which you seem to agree with as well.)

        And I would agree with you that the state encroaching on personal liberties is a problem.

        So to my question: “what extra privilege” and “which privilege”, your answer would seem to be… nothing? Men are also oppressed by the system?

        So then, why do you write: “suited guy in his zealous pursuit of extra privilege”?

        He just asked to consider men’s issues as well. Why shout him down and dismiss him?

        I’d really like to know.

        PS: I never said women were the cause of harm. I just pointed out that abusive women (just like abusive men) can use the system to harm men (too), and that it’s an issue. Why not reform alimony laws (which also hurt women BTW) or push for default shared custody (which is better for children than single-parent custody in most cases)?

        PPS: I commend you and respect you for supporting free speech and engaging in this discourse. Thank you.

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