Fresher’s Unfair

Loughborough Left

The Freshers Bazaar saw the Students Union (LSU) invite a mix of sordid organisations and dodgy corporates into our student space, trying to flog us an ideology and provide us with ‘deals’. Or in other words they desperately wanted our cash. Added to this there were unsavory organisations like the Freemasons, the army and the police hanging around. The freemasons! As was pointed out at the time, for a secret society you’d think they’d avoid situations like this one.

2014-10-05 13.56.47

At LSU, everything is tightly controlled to ensure that only the only form of politics is the vacuous and pointless. Reports have come in that the students running the various LSU societies were not allowed in the building until all the corporates had managed to set up their stalls. The societies had five minutes to get ready, in a rush, before the doors opened and the multitudes flooded in. Despite LSU being capable…

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