Poor Doors Demo 19th Nov: Student Callout #FreeEducation

On Wednesday 19th November we will be marching through London to campaign for free education. Thousands of people from all over the UK will converge to fight for a system where poverty is not forced upon students for decades during and after their studies.

This ties into a wider struggle against inequality during austerity where the rich are taking an ever increasing slice of the pie and the rest are left with the crumbs. In London there has been a demonstration every Wednesday at 6pm to protest against “Poor Doors”. At One Commercial Street (right next to Aldgate East Underground), a block of flats has some luxury apartments and some flats reserved for social housing tenants. The rich get to their luxury apartments through a spacious foyer, complete with chandelier and concierge service.

The social housing tenants have to sneak round a dark alley and use the side entrance. Once inside the rich and poor never meet, partitioned by design so that the rich need never see their poorer neighbours.

These developments are springing up across the UK. They increase the gentrification of traditional working class areas and drive families out as prices for goods and services rocket upwards. Just as we campaign for free education so we should join this wider campaign for equality and against social segregation.

Here are some reports from previous weeks:

The 5th November demo including burning Boris Johnson!

The demo on 19th October saw a massive turnout.

Most weeks are a mix of protest and street party.

Following the march for free education join the Poor Doors demo!



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