Class War Victory in #PoorDoors Demo

Last night we converged at One Commercial Street for the weekly Poor Doors demo against social segregation, cleansing and apartheid in London. The building owned by Redrow is at the centre of a storm where the rich and poor have separate entrances to accommodation.

When we started this protest there was a handful of us but we’ve built it up week by week and now we regularly see over 100 protesters.  News has reached us today that Redrow have decided to sell their share of the building. This is a massive victory for Class War and our direct action. Of course it doesn’t end social segregation across the board so we will need to decide what to do next. My personal view is that the new buyers should start by making changes to the building so there is one door for all.

The demo last night was great fun as always. The Womens Death Brigade marched from Freedom bookshop to the site and the demo supported two comrades arrested the previous week. There was the usual police presence – much larger these days – and we had a band to provide entertainment.

Here’s pictures from the protest.

2014-11-12 17.56.33

We marched from Freedom.

2014-11-12 17.57.09

You can’t be too careful.

2014-11-12 18.00.33

Charmless PC Angry Lips, arms folded.

2014-11-12 18.01.50

Father Ted Crilly taught us everything we know.

2014-11-12 18.04.48

Smiling, while getting overtime to protect the rich and wear a very silly hat.

2014-11-12 18.10.16

These Cameron Wanker posters went like hot cakes.

2014-11-12 18.10.24

Well he is, isn’t he?

2014-11-12 18.11.21

And they are fucking right off!

2014-11-12 18.14.14

2014-11-12 18.18.10

2014-11-12 18.19.02


A bit of music lightened the mood.

2014-11-12 18.38.59

Someone eloquently sows off their skills in placard making.

2014-11-12 18.42.30


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