Purley Pool shows Tories and Labour are both in shallow end

Inside Croydon

Jon BiggerCROYDON COMMENTARY: Croydon South’s anarchist candidate, JON BIGGER, pictured left, says that the decision over Purley Pool is another example to show there’s little difference between his Conservative and Labour election rivals

The debate around the closure of Purley Pool has highlighted the narrow confines in which our politics is largely conducted. Croydon Labour has said the closure is necessary because the building is in a state of serious neglect, and they blame the previous Tory-led council. Croydon’s Tories propose using some money that Labour has put aside for a rainy day, but that would keep the pool open only for a year.

And then Croydon South’s two main parliamentary hopefuls ride into town seemingly full of support for the campaign to keep the pool open. Labour’s Emily Benn committed to the campaign at the recent debate she had with Conservative rival Chris Philp at the Coulsdon and Purley Debating…

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