Class War Victory: Purley Pool to Stay Open

Croydon Council today announced that it would postpone the closure of Purley Pool for as long as it could. Not exactly a perfect announcement but progress. The closure was due to happen in April. Last week I issued a statement with the local Green Party candidate, Peter Underwood, urging all the election candidates to pledge to fight the pool open in the long term. There’s no doubt that this statement along with the wider campaign has pressured the council into action.

It’s a victory for Class War* but only a partial one. Plans remain in place to ensure the protection of the swimming pool if necessary and by all means necessary.

Naturally the Tory candidate, Chris Filth (sorry Philp!), will be claiming that this was all his doing. The dirty, exaggerating opportunist that he is. In fact he’s already at it:



Yeah, well done for standing outside for 2 minutes and having your photo taken. Now, what are you going to do to keep it open? Fuck all, is my prediction.

Meanwhile, Philp has spent the last few weeks bickering with Emily Benn and the Labour council leader Tony Newman on twitter about the issue. I’m not sure that really influenced the decision. What it did show is that Labour and the Tories just like to play with issues for short term gain.

So to the future – keep the pool open by taxing rich people like Philp!

* It’s really a victory for the people of Purley. We now need to ensure it stays open. I remain willing to work with everyone in the community to ensure that happens. Not just now and until the election but beyond.



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