From Poor Doors to Social Segregation of Gardens #ClassWar

Last week Class War briefly occupied the development that is One Tower Bridge. They’ve now decided to change the nature of the gardens in the development and the result is that they will ban the social housing tenants from using the ‘luxury’ gardens. So we have poor doors and now segregated garden space based on wealth.

31012015 All Fucking Wankers 2
Cops guard One Tower Bridge – a building site

The only way to become rich is to treat people or our habitat like shit. You either exploit those that work for you or you exploit the planet. Usually both. And then you decide not to even share a bit of green space and some flowers. They want to exploit the planet and destroy it but keep all the nice stuff for themselves.

We will protest poor doors again starting this Thursday and the we will move to One Tower Bridge and protest this latest move.

05022015 Poor Doors Rnd 2


Poor Gardens


One thought on “From Poor Doors to Social Segregation of Gardens #ClassWar

  1. Many thanks Jon, a fantastic piece! An ex-MA student, Bev Woodward, has been heavily involved in the E15 success, and I’ve been following these developments with fascination and disgust. David Harvey’s Radical Cities was written around/about this phenomena, and his prescription is exactly what is happening as a response – keep up the reporting on this vital area of resistance!

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