Croydon Council send heavy mob to attack families #benefits #ClassWar #VoteBigger

The Croydon Advertiser has reported on two raids on alleged benefit fraudsters by police in full riot gear. This is an astonishing response and course of action. The council is the biggest waste of our resources across our community and yet it goes to this length to establish whether it can prosecute a couple of people. There were children present and it doesn’t bear thinking about the terror they must have felt as people in combat outfits came bursting into their home.

There are several reasons why this should anger everyone:

  • First of all they were suspects. A simple knock at the door would have been sufficient.
  • Second, riot police are used normally when violence is expected. It wasn’t and therefore it was simple intimidation.
  • Third, there are dozens of cases of people on benefit that have killed themselves because they can’t survive – imagine being in that state and then seeing this.
  • Fourth, there were children in one of the houses raided and again that’s intimidation.
  • Fifth capitalism is exactly about creating a difference between those that steal legally and those that steal illegally. Don’t think for a moment that the way money moves around us is in any way legitimate.

This episode was all about the people they don’t mind attacking. Meanwhile the bankers get to keep their lavish lifestyles and your boss gets to decide who much you’re worth when you actually create the wealth. Croydon police are a disgrace – they are hated by many. They attack the homeless, again in collusion with the council.

Last night I challenged the Labour leader of Croydon Council over the raids via twitter:


So far there is no response. Meanwhile the Artist Taxi Driver has provided his assessment:


The police and the council have overstepped the mark. People are finding it hard to survive and naturally they turn to benefits when they’re desperate. Of course there will be people who break the rules. But the rules are terrible and at the other end of “the rules” we find the rich who create them via their government, they steal our wealth and resources, they wreck our planet and they order police crackdowns when we don’t step into line.

We absolutely have to question how much this operation cost and why they deemed it necessary. We also have to demand that it is the last time we see such activity over this issue.


4 thoughts on “Croydon Council send heavy mob to attack families #benefits #ClassWar #VoteBigger

  1. I lived in Croydon till 2001 and saw first hand how the Council worked with police to evict my family once we had complained of racial harassment by ‘neighbours’ ! Two families prior to our move into same house had been victims of these same neighbours ! Our case was with CRE they were going to take Croydon Council to court in wht would of been a major case in UK. However they needed these other families to testify but they were too scared ! We were finally forced out by a series of escalating events : tyres slashed & our front door kicked in ! Croydon Police did NOTHING ! They were undoubtedly working with the Council ! When my wife attempted to defend her car which was being surrounded by these ‘neighbours’ she was eventually charged by Police !! I can categorically state that we were hounded out of Croydon by very senior leaders of the Housing Department and enforced by Croydon Police.
    Marc Barham

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