Riot Police Raids on Suspected Croydon Benefit fraudsters – Unanswered Questions

On Wednesday I wrote about the heavy mob being used to break into the homes of two families in Croydon where benefit offences were suspected. By Wednesday afternoon the police were under a great deal of pressure due to the backlash on social media that the Croydon Advertiser reported that the Metropolitan Police were now claiming that the raids involved suspected drugs offenses and one of the homes included a teenager known for anti-social behaviour.

Let’s take aside the fact that they made some arrests and they say they found some cannabis. These after-the-fact assertions should not deter us from posing the questions that come to mind over this whole operation.

The first area of concern is in the behaviour of the Croydon Advertiser. It posted the pictures, saying that they were from a raid on homes where benefit fraud was suspected. They presumably got that information from the police. Which leads us to the second area of concern, which is around the cops. Did the Met lie to the Advertiser about the reason for the raid in the first instance? I think the Advertiser should tell us what they knew before they published the story.

Did the Advertiser go along and take the photos that they published or did they get them from the police? Or alternatively is there a mix of photographs in their report taken by both their own photographer and one from the Met?

At what stage did the Advertiser know that the police were claiming it was a drugs raid and why did the Met wait until it was being heavily criticised before it released that information?

Calling something a drugs raid and claiming that someone involved is an individual with a history of anti-social behaviour is clearly the kind of language to get people to simply say “oh that’s OK then”. But it isn’t, is it? It’s not OK to have the police knocking through doors where children are getting ready for school and where people are only suspected of low level fraud. Only one of the raids apparently had the dual purpose of being a drugs raid; did the other include officers in riot gear?

We haven’t been told the truth about this and there is still information missing. We need to know what was going on and why the story changed.

3 thoughts on “Riot Police Raids on Suspected Croydon Benefit fraudsters – Unanswered Questions

  1. There is no doubt that someone is lying ! Why has the narrative suddenly been changed by the Met.Police to raids for drugs. This is not the reason given by Enfield Council ! With the recent challenge made by Ed Milliband to Cameron over his employment of a man who oversaw wealthy clients dodge tax then the change of story by Croydon Authorities does provide more evidence of one rule for one and another rule for those who have money to buy influence ! Is the Met. Police going to smash down Lord Green’s front door and arrest him with the local paper there to take pictures ? Shame on Croydon Council , Croydon Police and The Croydon Advertiser !

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