How to respond to emails from Iain Duncan Smith #ClassWar

Imagine receiving an email from the hated Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. The vile Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) has been attacking the vulnerable from his position as government minister for the last few years, presiding over ever worsening conditions for people at a time when they need help the most. His policies should be listed as crimes when we consider how many deaths have resulted from them, on top of the chaos they have brought to peoples’ lives. We also know that he costs the taxpayer a considerable amount of money so he can hardly talk about leaching off the public purse!

Now he’s sending emails out to people to convince them of conservative policies and to take a swipe at the totally useless Labour Party. I’ve been handed the wording of an email exchange between IDS and someone not willing to simply delete it.  The IDS email reads as follows:

At the heart of our welfare reforms is a simple goal: to tackle the culture of welfare dependency that Labour allowed to develop.

So we’re creating a system that helps people stand on their own two feet – restoring the incentive to work and ensuring that work always pays.

Gone will be the days when it could make more sense to sit on benefits than enter work. Now, the right choice is also the logical one.

Our new Universal Credit is already transforming lives, freeing people from welfare dependency and helping them provide for themselves and their families.

Yet Labour refuse to back the scheme. Having opposed every one of our vital welfare reforms, including the benefit cap, again they stand in the way of progress.

So I need your support. Add your name today to show you back the important changes we’re making to the welfare system.

The difference between the Conservatives and Labour on welfare is one of values.

The Conservatives stand for giving people the security of a job and hope for a better future. We believe in rewarding the willingness to work and helping people get on in life.

By contrast, the only thing you can honestly say that Labour stands for is more welfare dependency. They truly are the welfare party.

We can’t let them wreck the progress we’ve made. Add your name today, and let’s keep up the important work of turning Britain around.

Thank you,

Iain Duncan Smith
Secretary of State for Work and Pensions


We don’t need to do a line by line rebuttal of this bullshit when a succinct response has already been rattled off:

You tried to starve me, go fuck yourself. And your tax-payer breakfasts that cost half a weeks JSA.Hypocrite.

I wonder what other responses he gets! Feel free to post them in the comments.


One thought on “How to respond to emails from Iain Duncan Smith #ClassWar

  1. your a a sadistic evil man , the same as your puppet you drewl over at PMQ Mcvile,may you both rott in hell, oh did you ever get sanctioned when you claimed dole while living with your millionaire wife , the same one you live off now as well as the huge handout’s in expenses from the tax payer ?????????????

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