Class War take Tower Bridge in Housing Protest #ClassWar @ClassWar2015 #VoteBigger

On Thursday we held our weekly demo at One Commercial Street against the Poor Doors at that building. I’ve presented some photos of the evening below.

This was Poor Doors with a difference: we also conducted a spontaneous march through the streets of London towards One Tower Bridge which is being built with gardens exclusively for the rich residents (social housing tenants will be barred entry). On the way we decided to take Tower Bridge for ourselves and send an important message to the rich and powerful: this is our world and we will have it for ourselves.


2015-02-19 19.10.07
Class War takes Tower bridge

Other photos from the night’s events:

2015-02-19 18.07.14
Solidarity from the Thurrock Heckler


Here’s a report on the action from the Heckler. The point they make about diversity of tactics is excellent.

2015-02-19 18.08.30


The “All Fucking Wankers” banner got a lot of attention on the route to Tower Bridge. People beeped their car horns in agreement, others wound their windows down to congratulate us.


2015-02-19 18.13.18


Lisa McKenzie who will challenge Ian Duncan Smith in Chingford at the general election.


2015-02-19 18.19.29

This cop was a little annoying: “What are your plans for this evening? There seems to be some confusion over whether you’re marching or not”.

Well, now you know. We took the bridge!


2015-02-19 18.21.52


There wasn’t a band this week but some smoke bombs came along… and then we got the flaming torches out!


2015-02-19 18.25.11


2015-02-19 18.25.27


At One Tower Bridge we found a mass of security guards, police and some vicious dogs, all to protect a building site. We’d made our point and it was time to prepare for the next action.


2015-02-19 19.17.10


So, we do it all again next week! Come along!


Poor Doors 26th Feb



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