Radical #Croydon – The Anarchist Church

Croydon has a radical history which is very rarely discussed, official history managing to ignore the things that real people do as it focuses on people in authority and power. Scratch beneath the surface a little and you’ll be surprised by what ‘ordinary’ people have been getting up to.

The Brotherhood Church was set up in the 1890s and had links to Tolstoy and Kropotkin. They practiced vegetarianism and campaigned for a better world along broad anarchist principles. There were a few other examples of such communities including this one in Yorkshire which appears to have still been running into the 21st century and may still be running today.


2 thoughts on “Radical #Croydon – The Anarchist Church

  1. I remember the Brotherhood Church from my days in the Peace Pledge Union. Len used to run a mobile cinema which used to tour around the towns of west Yorkshire between the 70’s and about 1998. Len died in about 2005. I haven’t heard about his wife, Hilda but probably now dead also.

    The Church was significantly influenced by Tolstoy and the ideals of Kropotkin as were quite a few other sects back in the 1880’s and 90’s. I hope the church is still going, the strawberry tea in July was a must!

    1. Thanks for the info Clive. That’s fantastic.
      There’s more info coming in from other sources too so i will do a follow-up when I get the chance. It looks like this group spread to various places.

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