Open letter to PC Plod on getting the Class War banner back!

Here is a copy of the email I sent today to a police officer responsible for holding Class War’s “All Fucking Wankers” banner. The original email included that phrase twice and the word “bullshit” but didn’t get through the police email censor for bad language. I therefore used the phrases “All Bleeping Bleepers” and “bullbleep” in order to get the email through. Oh, the irony…


Dear Mr [Plod],

It is my understanding that you are the correct officer to contact regarding the stealing of the “All Bleeping Bleepers”  banner used by Class War . This was taken by coppers unknown during the protest last Thursday evening apparently on the grounds that it may cause offence.

I agree the photographs of Cameron, Miliband, Clegg and Farage are indeed offensive but that’s why Class War has chosen to call them “All Bleeping Bleepers” so as to neutralise the effects of seeing their ugly mugshots.

I hope you will see fit to now provide the banner back to its rightful owners. It is not for you or anyone else to curtail freedom of speech and freedom of assembly in this manner. We are currently in an election campaign and as a Class War candidate I reserve the right to utilise my freedom of speech in whatever way I see fit when it comes to opposing the mainstream parties that rule over us. It is not the role of the police to prevent my campaigning. On the contrary, in the liberal democratic system your role is to enable campaigning and protect me accordingly. The fact that you do not suggests some double standards.

I find a great deal of the views espoused by Farage and his UKIP buddies to be offensive. Where are you when he’s spouting his racist bullbleep? Where are you when the Tories are spouting their offensive views on immigration and benefits?

It’s time to give us the banner back and stop your meddling.


Jonathan Bigger
Class War Candidate

P.S. This is an open letter so I reserve the right to publish your response


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