My budget: If elected I’ll only take the national average salary of £26,500

Today is budget day and it’s hard not to be cynical about the way it’s used. I’ve decided to cut through the bull to make an honest pledge that actually makes sense and will help us all. It’s also a principled position relating to the costs of our politicians.

If I win in Croydon South on May 7th I have decided that I would only take the national average wage as my MPs salary. That means I would take £26,500 of the £67,000 salary. The money left over would be ploughed back into the Croydon South community. The constituency has a large divide between rich and poor and there are some fantastic projects that could be helped. Together we could set up new projects. Feel free to offer suggestions by posting a comment.

I am also able to announce today that I would hold monthly citizen assembly meetings with constituents to discuss how the surplus money should be spent. These meetings would also allow citizens to tell me how they would like me to vote on matters in the House of Commons. Any Croydon South resident would be eligible to attend and directly influence my vote.

My challenge now is to the other candidates to match my promise. Millionaire Tory Chris Philp has already said that he intends to keep his job at Pluto Finance and rake in the £67k MPs salary plus expenses. There’s still time for him to change his mind. He could drop the Pluto job and pledge to just take home the £26,500 that I’ve committed myself to.

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