Labour’s Loughborough Candidate on Accepting Cash from a War Criminal

Much has been made of Tony Blair handing out £1000 to 160 Labour candidates for their campaign in the general election. Today I challenged their Loughborough candidate, Matthew O’Callaghan to hand the money back.

I put it to O’Callghan that it was a matter of integrity and that he was accepting money from a war criminal. His response was twofold, neither of which help him wipe the blood stains from his wretched campaign. The first was to say that through Ed Miliband’s pressure the UK and the USA avoided a war with Syria. This hardly explains why he’s accepting money from a man who should be in The Hague explaining his part in the slaughter of over a million people and the lies that led up to the bloodbath. The second was to say simply that he gets lots of donations from Labour Party members and Blair is just another member.

I explained that he wasn’t simply another member before being shouted down by Labour’s culture spokesperson Chris Bryant who was chairing the event.

Frankly the people of Loughborough deserve better. They have a fairly straight choice between the horrednous Tory, Nicky Morgan and a man who seeks office with cash from a man responsible for high levels of bloodshed. Such is British politics.


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