Class War #GE15 Candidate Arrested

A couple of weeks ago I did some campaigning in Croydon South where a few Class Warriors leafleted the people of Purley in the hope of raising awareness for the election. We were followed around by the cops all afternoon because if you declare yourself part of the class war that’s raging across the UK you need to be monitored but if you’re part of the ruling class winning it you need protection. The same thing happened two weeks weeks previously in Chingford when we supported Lisa McKenzie’s campaign there to unseat the vile Iain Duncan Smith. Last week at our weekly Poor Doors demo in East London Lisa was arrested.

This is the 5th arrest at the protest we’ve been holding since August last year. We’ve had a banner confiscated and the police have had to set up a little base inside the building the protest is centred on. Sometimes the police don’t turn up at all and on those occasions the world seems to keep on turning without major incident. They really don’t need to turn up at all, let alone arrest folk for peaceful protest.

I wasn’t there on Thursday. My understanding is that the cops claim Lisa had put a sticker on a window… two weeks earlier. They just waited two weeks and when she came to protest they arrested her. For a sticker.

We know what this amounts to in reality: intimidation. We’re clearly the most dangerous political party in this election. But we will carry on doing what we do. We speak truth to power and Lisa is one of the best at doing exactly that. Lisa has got her nominations and paperwork in order despite this and she will be on the ballot paper!

The Met can carry on giving us all this publicity if it likes. It’s already pissing off the Greens and TUSC in Chingford apparently. Well, if you’re really annoyed why don’t you get off your arses and get stickers up all over town eh?


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